Kiev Dzogchen Community

Dzogchen Community was created in Kyiv in 2002 after Namkhai Norbu’s Teaching in Crimea in that year summer. At first there were only a few members in the Community, but the number of interested people was increasing rapidly, and reached a score of 20 in 2004. The Teacher’s open lecture was organised in the House of Artists in 2005, and was attended by about 600 people. The number of practitioners rose few times again. Dzogchen Community has been officially registered as an organization (although it was difficult to determine whether we are public or religious type of organization, and the decision to form a religious one was more of a pragmatic way of managing it). After Kyiv Dzogchen Community rented its own premises in 2009, Namkhai Norbu gave us the name “Tashiling”, i.e. “The place of good luck.” Later in 2013 it appeared that there were a few more lings with the same name, and Rinpoche gave us a new name “Tobgyalling.” – “The place of royal potential”.

At the moment there are more than seventy permanent members in Tobgyalling, who gather to study Dzogchen teachings, and organise regular group sessions on different aspects of it (see the “Teaching” section).

Three of our practitioners have passed the instructor exams on the first level of Yantra Yoga and teach Yantra yoga to all the interested. Also, every year we invite another instructors from various countries, from Italy to the United States. For instance, Tobgyalling held retreats with Laura Evangelisti, Fabio Andriko, prof. Jim Valby, Nina Robinson. These all are the students of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu with years of experience in practise and explaining the various aspects of teaching to others.

Dzogchen Community is based on the principle of self-government without hierarchy. In order to solve the current issues there is a kind of organizational council “Ganchi” (Tib dga ” khyil -. The wheel of joy) which is re-elected every year. Ganchi coordinates the inner work and manages the relations with another centres of the Dzogchen Community worldwide.